What is Barrier Islands Blasting?

Barrier Islands Blasting is a locally owned and operated vapor blasting business which began operations in 2014 in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. Barrier Islands Blasting provides in-house and on-site media blasting services for a variety of industries and applications.

Our goal at Barrier Islands Blasting is to provide an environmentally alternative to harmful cleaning techniques such as sandblasting and chemical stripping. The Process used has no toxic chemicals and does not cause any pollution. The blasting industry refers to our process as vapor blasting.

Beyond having a passion for and deep understanding of the media blasting business, Barrier Islands Blasting is customer-focused, enjoys figuring out how to solve complex or uncommon blasting challenges and takes great pleasure in creating satisfied customers.

While deeply skilled across a variety of project types, Barrier Islands Blasting has a particular affinity for architectural restoration, automobile restoration, and a fast-growing marine business stripping boat bottoms.

Who is the owner/operator?

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What equipment do we use?

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